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  Part Ⅱ Reading Comprehension (35 minutes)

  Directions: There are four passages in this part. Each passage is followed by some questions or unfinished statements. For each of them there are four choices marked A), B), C) and D). You should decide on the best choice and mark the corresponding letter on the Answer Sheet with a single line through the centre.

  Questions 21 to 25 are based on the following passage:

  There are two methods of fighting, the one by law, the other by force; the first method is that of men, the second of beasts; but as the first method is often insufficient, one must have recourse to the second. It is, therefore, necessary for a prince to know well how to use both the beast and the man. This was covertly taught to rulers by ancient writers, who related how Achilles and many others of those ancient princes were given to Chiron the centaur to be brought up and educated under his discipline. The parable of this semi animal, semi human teacher is meant to indicate that a prince must know how to use both natures, and that the one without the other is not durable. A prince, being thus obliged to know well how to act as a beast, must imitate the fox, and the lion, for the lion cannot protect himself from traps, and the fox annot defend himself from wolves. Those that wish to be only lions do not understand this. Therefore, a prudent ruler ought not to keep faith when by doing so it would be against his interest, and when the reasons which made him bind himself no longer exist. If men were all good, this precept would not be good ; but as they are bad, and would not observe their faith with you, so you are not bound to keep faith with them. Nor have legitimate grounds ever failed a prince who wished to show colorable excuse for the nonfulfilment of his promise. Of this one could furnish an infinite number of examples, and show how many times peace has been broken, and how many promises rendered worthless, by the faithlessness of princes, and those that have best been able to imitate the fox have succeeded best. But it is necessary to be able to disguise this character well, and to be a great feigner and dissembler, and men are so simple and so ready to obey present necessities, that the one who deceives will always find those who allow themselves to be deceived.

  21.The author of the passage does not believe that ____.

  A) people can protect themselves

  B) the truth makes men free

  C) leaders have to be consistent

  D) princes are human

  22.The lion represents those who are ____.

  A) too trusting B) strong and careful

  C) reliant on force D) lacking in intelligence

  23.The fox, in this passage, is ____.

  A) admired for his trickery B) no match for the lion

  C) pitied for his trick D) considered worthless

  24.The writer suggests that a successful leader must ____.

  A) be prudent and faithful

  B) cheat and lie

  C) have principle to guide his actions

  D) tell the people the truth about his opponent

  25.The writer would approve an unsuccessful political candidate ____.

  A) gave up all his opportunities

  B) promised to try again next time

  C) overthrew the government by force

  D) told the people the truth about his opponent

  Questions 26 to 30 are based on the following passage:

  The forest from which Man takes his timber is the tallest and most impressive plant community on Earth. In terms of Man's brief life it appears permanent and unchanging, save for the seasonal growth and fall of the leaves, but to forester it represents the climax of a long succession of events. No wooded landscape we see today has been forest for all time. Plants have minimum requirements of temperature and moisture and, in ages past, virtually every part of Earth's surface has at some time been either too dry or too cold for plants to survive. However, as soon as climatic conditions change in favour of plant life, a fascinating sequence of changes occurs, called a primary succession.

  First to colonize the barren land are the lowly lichens, surviving on bare rock.

  Slowly, the acids produced by these organisms crack the rock surface, plant debris accumulates, and mosses establish a shallow root?hold. Ferns may follow and, with short grasses and shrubs, gradually form a covering of plant life. Roots probe even deeper into the developing soil and eventually large shrubs give way to the first trees. These grow rapidly, cutting off sunlight from the smaller plants, and soon establish complete domination—closing their ranks and forming a climax community which may endure for thousands of years.

  Yet even this community is not everlasting. Fire may destroy it outright and settlers may cut it down to gain land for pasture or cultivation. If the land is then abandoned, a secondary succession will take over, developing much faster on the more hospitable soil. Shrubs and trees are among the early invaders, their seeds carried by the wind, by birds and lodged in the coats of mammals.For as long as it stands and thrives, the forest is a vast machine, storing energy and many elements essential for life.

  26.What does the forest strike mankind as permanent?

  A) The trees are in community.

  B) The forest is renewed each season.

  C) Man's life is short in comparison.

  D) It is an essential part our lives.

  27.What has sometimes caused plants to die out of the past?

  A) Interference from foresters.

  B) Variations in climate.

  C) The absence of wooded land.

  D) The introduction of new type of plants.

  28.In a “primary succession', what makes it possible for mosses to take root?

  A) The type of rock.

  B) The amount of sunlight.

  C) The amount of moisture.

  D) The effect of lichens.

  29.What conditions are needed for shrubs to become established?

  A) Ferns must take root.

  B) The ground must be covered with grass.

  C) More soil must accumulate.

  D) Smaller plants must die out.

  30.Why is a “secondary succession” quicker?

  A) The ground is more suitable.

  B) There is more space for new plants.

  B) Birds and animals bring new seeds.

  D) It is supported by the forest.


  Questions 31 to 35 are based on the following passage:

  Grandma Moses is among the most celebrated twentieth century painters of the United States, yet she had barely started painting before she was in her late seventies. As she once said of herself: “I would never sit back in a rocking chair, waiting for someone to help me.” No one could have had a more productive age.

  She was born Anna Mary Robertson on a farm in New York State, one of five boys and five girls.(“We came in bunches, like radishes.”) At twelve she left home and was in domestic service until, at twenty seven, she married Thomas Moses, the hired hand of one of her employers. They farmed most of their lives, first in Virginia and then in New York State, at Eagle Bridge. She had ten children, of whom five survived; her husband died in 1927. Grandma Moses painted a little as a child and made embroidery pictures as a hobby, but only switched to oils in old age because her hands had become too stiff to sew and she wanted to keep busy and pass the time. Her pictures were first sold at the local drugstore and at a fair, and were soon spotted by a dealer who bought everything she painted. Three of the pictures were exhibited in the Museum of Modern Art, and in 1940 she had her first exhibition in New York. Between the 1930's and her death she produced some 2,000 pictures: detailed and lively portrayals of the rural life she had known for so long, with a marvelous sense of color and form. “I think really hard till I think of something really pretty, and then I paint it.”she said.

  31.Which of the following would be the best title for the passage?

  A) Grandma Moses: A Biographical Sketch

  B) The Children of Grandma Moses

  C) Grandma Moses: Her Best Exhibition

  D) Grandma Moses and Other Older Artists

  32.According to the passage, Grandma Moses began to paint because she wanted to ____.

  A) decorate her home

  B) keep active

  C) improve her salary

  D) gain an international reputation

  33.From Grandma Moses' description of herself in the first paragraph, it can be inferred that she was ____.

  A) independent B) pretty

  C) wealthy D) timid

  34.Grandma Moses spent most of her life ____.

  A) nursing B) painting

  C) embroidering D) farming

  35.In line 14, the word “spotted” could best be replaced by ____.

  A) speckled B) featured

  C) noticed D) damaged

  Questions 36 to 40 are based on the following passage:

  The producers of instant coffee found their product strongly resisted in the market places despite their manifest (明显的) advantages. Furthermore, the advertising expenditure for instant coffee was far greater than that for regular coffee.

  Efforts were made to find the cause of the consumers' seemingly unreasonable resistance to the product. The reason given by most people was dislike for the taste. The producers suspected that there might be deeper reasons, however. This was confirmed by one of motivation research's classic studies, one often cited in the trade. Mason Haire, of the University of California, constructed two shopping lists that were identical except for one item. There were six items common to both lists: hamburger, carrots(胡萝卜), baking powder, bread, canned peaches and  potatoes, with the brands or amounts specified. The seventh item, in the fifth place on both lists, read “11b. Maxwell House coffee” on one list and “Nescafe instant coffee” on the other. One list was given to each person in a group of fifty women, and the other list to those in another group of the same size. The women were asked to study their lists and then to describe, as far as they could, the kind of woman (“personality and character”) who would draw up that shopping list. Nearly half of those who had received the list including instant coffee described a housewife who was lazy and a poor planner. On the other hand, only one woman in the other group described the housewife, who had included regular coffee on her list, as lazy; only six of that group suggested that she was a poor planner. Eight women felt that the instant coffee user was probably not a good wife! No one in the other group drew such a conclusion about the housewife who intended to buy regular coffee.

  36.The fact that producers found resistance to their product despite the fact that they spent more advertising money on instant than regular coffee shows that ____.

  A) advertising does not assure favorable sales result

  B) companies spent more money on advertising than they should

  C) people pay little attention to advertising

  D) the more one advertises the better the sales picture

  37.In this instance, the purpose of motivation research was to discover ____.

  A) why people drink coffee

  B) why instant coffee did not taste good

  C) why regular coffee was successful

  D) the real reason why people would not buy instant coffee

  38.This investigation indicated that ____.

  A) 50 percent of housewives are lazy

  B) housewives who use instant coffee are lazy

  C) many women believe that wives who use instant coffee are lazy

  D) wives who use regular coffee are good planners

  39.On the results of this test, the producers probably revised their advertising to show a ____.

  A) lazy housewife using regular coffee

  B) hard?working housewife using instant coffee

  C) lazy housewife using instant coffee

  D) man obviously enjoying the taste of instant coffee

  40.Implied but not stated:____.

  A) Despite its advantages, most people disliked instant coffee because of its taste.

  B) The advertising expenditure for instant coffee was greater than that for regular coffee.

  C) Very often we do not know the real reasons for doing things.

  D) Taste is the principal factor in determining what we buy.


  Part Ⅲ Vocabulary (20 minutes)

  Directions:There are 30 incomplete sentences in this part. For each sentence there are four choices marked A), B),C)and D). Choose the ONE that best completes the sentence. Then mark the corresponding letter on the Answer Sheet with a single line through the centre.

  41.After leaving school, Nigel decided to ____ in the army.

  A) enroll B) sign

  C) register D) enlist

  42.Even at that early stage the school felt that she ____ a good chance of passing her exams.

  A) stood B) achieved

  C) possessed D) took

  43.Although the coach had not thought her a good tennis player at first, she ____ to be a champion.

  A) came round B) turned out

  C) turned up D) came out

  44.If she hadn't ____ on the last question, her score on the test would have been perfect.

  A) slipped up B) slept up

  C) spilt up D) slipped on

  45.The ____ of new scientific discoveries to industrial production methods usually makes jobs easier to do.

  A) addition B) association

  C) application D) affection

  46.The government ____ the people to be economical of oil consumption.

  A) call in B) call up

  C) call on D) call off

  47.It's possible to ____ from all the information give

  n to us and to make various decisions.

  A) enclose B) generalize

  C) tackle D) withdraw

  48.She gets along very well with everyone; so she is the most ____ member of our family.

  A) rusty B) impetuous

  C) compatible D) imperious

  49.Immigrants, fleeing from political and religious persecution, came from nonindustrialized ____ industrialized countries.

  A) also B) and too

  C) as well as D) and both

  50.Mary is by no means learned; nor is she good at any practical trade. The only ____ she possesses is her beauty.

  A) something valuable B) asset

  C) something pleasing D) womanly virtue

  51.He received a ____ from the university in order to continue his research.

  A) credit B) grant

  C) prize D) reward

  52.Several of the off?shore islands are ____ now that we have a motor boat.

  A) available B) accessible

  C) convenient D) achievable

  53.The World Health Organization fights against ____ diseases all over the world.

  A) inevitable B) influential

  C) infectious D) inferior

  54.Of course, for years they ____ moving to the country, getting away from the stress of city life, but nothing ever came out of that talk.

  A) talked to B) talked of

  C) talked over D) talked round

  55.The Indians see little ____ for success and become frustrated, because they usually go to inferior school and often cannot adjust to life in the city.

  A) priority B) instinct

  C) insurance D) prospect

  56.Millions have been made by states, organizations, corporations and individuals ____ gambling activities, and new millionaires are constantly created.

  A) sponsoring B) charging

  C) interesting D) founding

  57.Mother hasn't ____ you for quite some time. She is beginning to think you must be ill.

  A) heard out B) heard of

  C) heard about D) heard from

  58.The three climbers can employ a guide to ____ them on their way up the mountain.

  A) guide B) conduct

  C) lead D) bring

  59.It was a horrible ride through pouring rain,____ he had a puncture and for the last hour had to push the bicycle.

  A) as a matter of fact B) even so

  C) to make matters worse D) in fact

  60.Being without funds, Owen ____ some means of obtaining financial help.

  A) cast back B) cast out

  C) cast about D) cast off

  61.The British ____ with the French in building a plane that neither could afford by itself.

  A) associated B) cooperated

  C) communicated D) conflicted

  62.The thief ____ to shot her if she screamed.

  A) banished B) implied

  C) indicated D) threatened

  63.Sorry, no, I wasn't talking to you. I ____ just ____.

  A) was…thinking aloud B) was…thinking ahead

  C) was…thinking out D) was…thinking of

  64.Only thoroughly unpleasant people leave the ____ of their picnics to spoil the appearance of the countryside.

  A) remains B) remainder

  C) rest D) remnants

  65.The headlights of the approaching car were so ____ that the cyclist had to stop riding.

  A) gleaming B) dazzling

  C) visible D) light

  66.Whenever anything ____ happens, crowd of people is certain to gather.

  A) famous B) sensational

  C) noted D) emotional

  67.One of the attractive features of the course was the way the practical work had been ____ with the theoretical aspects of the subject.

  A) embraced B) adjusted

  C) alternated D) integrated

  68.He was usually very kind so that his sudden ____ greatly surprised us.

  A) heartiness B) unhappiness

  C) harshness D) uprightness

  69.One reason why science is so respected these days is that the image of the scientist is of one who collects data in a(n) ____ search for truth.

  A) immense B) impartial

  C) punctual D) proportional

  70.They are ____ in work, well aware a careless mistake will cost the company millions of pounds.

  A) rather casual B) pretty slow

  C) meticulous D) really considerate

  Part Ⅴ Writing (30 minutes)

  Directions:For this part, you are allowed thirty minutes to write a composition on the topic “The First Impression of My Roommate”. You should write at least 150 words and you should base your composition on the outline( given in Chinese) below:

  1. 这是我在大学的第一天。

  2. 他(她)就是我的同学。

  3. 我仔细打量了他(她),发现……


  答 案

  Part Ⅱ


  本文主要论述了人类斗争方式和野兽斗争方式的相同和异同之处。人类以法律、政治为主要斗争方式而动物则采用力量型的斗争方式。在人类的斗争方式 当中又有智慧型和力量型两种——“文斗”与“武斗”。一旦文斗失败,则会采取武斗。出于政治目的,一个成功的领导人就要学会欺骗与说谎。

  21. 答 案D。【参考译文】本文作者并不认为王子们属于人这一类。【试题分析】本题考察对作者意图的理解。【详细解答】因为作者认为 by law是人类所用的斗争方式;by force是动物采用的斗争方式。而这些王子们只会the method of fighting by force,故D)是正确答案。

  22. 答 案C。【参考译文】狮子代表那些力量型的人。【试题分析】本题考察学生对明喻和隐喻的理解能力。【详细解答】在这篇文章的第二段的开头,在狮子与狐狸之间有一个鲜明的对比,狮子不能躲过陷阱,而狐狸逃脱不了被狼袭击的命运,故我们能看出狮子是靠自己的力量。

  23. 答 案A。【参考译文】在本文中,狐狸的狡猾受到称赞。【试题分析】本题考察对作者的意图的理解能力。【详细解答】第二段的开头,作者也提到了狐狸能躲过陷阱和圈套,故狐狸在这篇文章中因为有计谋而受到称赞。

  24. 答 案B。【参考译文】作者提出,一个成功的领导人必须学会欺骗和说谎。【试题分析】本题为推理判断题,需从上下文的含义中找答案。【详细解答】从这篇文章的第二段的后半部分我们能够推断出 B)乃此题之答 案。因为一个成功的领导人必须具备两手:欺骗与说谎。

  25. 答 案C。【参考译文】作者会赞成一个不成功的政治候选人会用武力推翻政府。【试题分析】本题为推理判断题,需根据作者意图去推断出答案。【详细解答】从这篇文章的主题来看,是“文斗”或是“武斗”,对一个落选的政治家来说,文斗已经失败,而只能退而求其次,采取 the struggling method by force也就是要推翻政府,故选C)。


  本文主要叙述人与自然的生态关系,地球上的森林是经过千百万年演变而存活下来的人类生态环境。那些我们今天所看到的光秃秃的大地过去曾是茂密的 森林。植物的生长与气候密切相关,一旦气候变得恶劣,植物便会灭绝。如果人类一味地乱砍乱伐,垦田开荒,那么地球上的生态环境就会遭到破坏,生物链就要发生改变。

  26. 答 案C。【参考译文】森林对人类的冲击在什么方面是永久性的 ?【试题分析】本题为一般理解题,需要在字里行间找答 案。【详细解答】在这篇文章的第一段的第二句话,可以找到 C)是正确答 案。

  27. 答 案B。【参考译文】有时候是什么造成从前的植物灭绝 ?【试题分析】本题考察对上下文的理解,需从字里行间找答 案。


  28. 答 案D。【参考译文】在“初级演”中,什么使苔藓生根成为可能 ?【试题分析】本题为一般阅读理解题,需从段落的字里行间中找答案。【详细解答】第三段的第二句话中,作者提到了首先能在岩石上生存的植物是 lichen(地衣),然后在地衣生长之后,由于地衣的影响才能使moss(苔藓))的生长成为可能。

  29. 答 案C。【参考译文】灌木稳固生长需要什么条件 ?【试题分析】同上。

  【解答要领】在第三段的中间,只有在长过苔藓之后草木和 shrub(灌木)才能生长,因为已经固定相当一部分土壤,有利于植物生长,故选C)。

  30. 答 案A。【参考译文】为什么“第二次演替”较快 ?【试题分析】同上。【详细解答】从第四段的中间,我们可以看出,根本的原因乃是土壤较为适宜。


  本文主要描述了 Grandma Moses的简略自传和她的艺术生涯。她一生劳作,同时又把画画作为自己的第二生命,其目的是为了使自己保持活力,培养情趣,促进健康。她这种锲而不舍的’精神带来了意想不到的艺术效果。

  31. 答 案A。【参考译文】本文的最佳标题是什么 ?【试题分析】本题考察学生对整篇文章的综合概括能力。【详细解答】整篇文章都是关于 Grandma Moses简略的自传和她的艺术生涯,故应选 A项作本篇文章的标题。

  32. 答 案B。【参考译文】根据短文所述, Grandma Moses开始学画画是因为她想保持活力。【试题分析】本题为一般推理题,需要从字里行间找答 案。【详细解答】在这篇文章的第一段中,曾经引用她的一句话:“ I would never sit back in a rocking chair, waiting for someone to help me.”所以她画画的目的是为让自己多活动,而非其它原因。

  33. 答 案A。【参考译文】从第一段 Grandma Moses的自述中可以推断出她具有独立性。【试题分析】本题为判断分析题,需要根据关键词语进行推断。【详细解答】在第一段中的那句话,可以看出来,她有 very strong sense of independence.故选A)。

  34. 答 案D。【参考译文】 Grandma Moses把大部分时间花在耕作上。【试题分析】本题为一般理解题,只要仔细阅读,很容易从字里行间找到答 案。【详细解答】在第二段中间一句话“… They farmed almost of their lives…”,可以看出她一生中大部分时间用于farming。

  35. 答 案C。【参考译文】文章第十七行中的单词“ spotted”的最佳替代词是什么?【试题分析】此题为语义测试题。【详细解答】根据上下文可以看出她的作品被那个商人发现并注意到她的艺术价值,故选 C)。


  广告宣传对促销起着十分重要的作用。但广告并不是万能的,有时它的效果并不理想,甚至起着相反的作用。作者以实际例子说明这一问题。虽然速溶咖 啡有其自身的优势,但为什么会在市场上滞销 ?其原因就出在广告宣传上。滞销只是表面现象,而深层的涵义则是因为许多买速溶咖啡的家庭妇女往往被认为是懒惰的。试验结果则表明:厂家很有可能改变其广告宣传,说明只有勤快的家庭主妇才使用速溶咖啡。这就从另一个测面告诉人们:我们对正在做的事情并不真正知道其原因。

  36. 答 案A。【参考译文】厂家尽管在速溶咖啡上比普通咖啡花的广告钱要多,但他们发现此产品仍然滞销,这表明广告并不能保证有好的销售。【试题分析】本题考察学生的阅读理解能力,主要从字里行间找答案。


  37. 答 案D。【参考译文】在这个例子中,研究的目的和动机是为了找出人们为什么不愿买速溶咖啡的真正原因。【试题分析】考察学生的推断和综合理解能力。

  【解答要领】读完整段文章之后,读者就会发现 D)乃正确答 案,特别是第四行的那句话,清楚地说了本题的意思。

  38. 答 案C。【参考译文】这次调查表明,许多妇女都认为使用速溶咖啡的妇女是懒惰的。【试题分析】此题考察学生对上下文的理解能力,需从字里行间找答案。

  【解答要领】从短文中,可以看出调查报告的结果乃是许多人认为买那“速溶咖啡 (instant coffee)”的女人是懒女人。

  39. 答 案B。【参考译文】关于这次试验的结果,厂家很有可能修改他们的广告内容,说明勤快的家庭主妇使用速溶咖啡。【试题分析】本题为推理判断题,需从字里行间找答 案。【详细解答】民意测验结果表明,许多买速溶咖啡的家庭妇女被认为是懒惰的。因此,厂家改变了广告宣传,并说买速溶咖啡的家庭妇女是勤劳的,使妇女敢于 买其咖啡,故应选 B)。

  40. 答 案C。【参考译文】没有说出来的含义是:我们对所做的事情并不真的知道其原因。【试题分析】本题为综合判断题,需从文章的含义中找出答案。【详细解答】首先要弄明白 imply的意思是“暗示”,而state的意思是“陈述”,据此应该选 C),意思是我们做某些事情常不知道其理由是什么。

  41. 答 案D。【参考译文】离开学校后,奈杰尔决定从军。【试题分析】本题为近义词辨析题,应从上下文中判断和区别它的用法。【详细解答】 enroll的意思是“录取,登记,注册”;enlist的意思是“从军,入伍”; register的意思也是“登记”;sign的意思“签字”,根据上下文应选D)。

  42. 答 案A。【参考译文】甚至在早期阶段学校就认为她有很大的成功机会。【试题分析】本题为近义词辨析题。但其重点是考搭配辨析,不在语法正误与否。【详细解答】 stand a good chance是固定搭配,有很大的成功机会,故选A)。

  43. 答 案B。【参考译文】最初教练并没料到她是一位好的网球运动员,但结果她却获得了冠军。【试题分析】本题为形近词搭配辨析题。 A和D为一类;B和C为一类;主要考察动词词组在上下文中的用法。【详细解答】 turn out意思是结果出人意料之外,而其它三个短语都没有此意,故应选B)。

  44. 答 案A。【参考译文】假如她没把最后一个问题答错的话,这次考试就会得满分。【试题分析】本题为形近搭配辨析题。 A和D为一类;B和C为一类;主要考察英语短语的搭配及习惯用法。【详细解答】 slip up是固定用法(口语),意思是犯错误,而其它三个短语都无此意。


  45. 答 案C。【参考译文】在工业生产上使用科技新成果往往使工作做起来更容易。【试题分析】本题为形近词用法辨析题;需要注意和其它词语的搭配。【详细解答】 application意思是“应用”;addition意思是“增加”;association意思是“联合会”;affection意思是“影响”。 根据上下文应选C)。

  46. 答 案C。【参考译文】政府号召人民要节约燃油。【试题分析】本题为搭配辨析题,主要考察短语的固定搭配和习惯用法。【详细解答】 call on意思是“号召”;call in意思是“收回”;call off意思是“决取消”;call up意思是“打电话给…”。故选C)。

  47. 答 案B。【参考译文】从给我们的全部信息中进行归纳并做出各种决定是可能的。【试题分析】本题为近义词辨析题。需要从上下文中判断它们的用法。【详细解答】 enclose意思是“封入”;generalize的意思是“归纳,总结”;tackle意思是“解决”;withdraw的意思是“撤退”。根据上下文选B)。

  48. 答 案C。【参考译文】她能和每个人都相处得很好,所以她是我们家中最容易接近的成员。【试题分析】本题既是难词辨析题又是形近词辨析题; B和D既是难词又是形近词。【详细解答】 imperious意思是“傲慢的”;impetuous意思是“冲动的”;rusty意思是“生疏的,生锈的”;compatible意思是“能共存 的,相容的”。上下文的意思应该是容易相处的,故选compatible。

  49. 答 案C。【参考译文】由于政治和宗教迫害的缘故,移民既有来自非工业化国家的,也有来自工业化国家的。【试题分析】本题为近义词辨析题。【详细解答】其它三个短语不能用于这个结构中。 as well as=in addition to以及。因此,应选C)。

  50. 答 案B。【参考译文】玛丽既无学问又不善于做生意。她唯一的资本是她的美貌。【试题分析】此题为难词辨析题。【详细解答】 A)、C)两个选项在这句中都是不合适的,因为英语没有这个用法。D)womanly virtue与上下文的意思不合,因为其意思面太窄,B)asset意思是“资质”,正合此意,故选B)。

  51. 答 案B。【参考译文】为了继续进行研究,他接受了学校的助学金。【试题分析】本题为近义词辨析题,需对上下文进行分析判断。【详细解答】 grant的意思是“助学金”;credit的意思是“荣誉”;prize的意思是“奖金”;reward的意思是“赏金,报酬”,只有grant的意思 更准确,故选grant。

  52. 答 案B。【参考译文】我们既然有了摩托艇,就可以到好几个岸边岛屿了。【试题分析】本题为形近词辨析题,需根据上下文判断其用法。【详细解答】 accessible意思是“可接近的”;achievable意思是“可完成的”; available意思是“有效的”;convenient意思是“方便的”。根据上下文应选B)。

  53. 答 案C。【参考译文】世界卫生组织与全世界的易传染疾病进行斗争。【试题分析】本题为形近词辨析题,需注意形容词与名词的搭配关系。【详细解答】 infectious意思是“易传播的”;inferior意思是“低级的”;inevitable意思是“不可避免的”;influential意思是 “有影响的”。根据上下文的意思应选C)。

  54. 答 案B。【参考译文】多年来,他们曾商量过要搬到乡下去,远离城市生活的压力。但是这种商量没有产生任何结果。【试题分析】本题为搭配辨析题,主要考察动词短语的搭配和习惯用法。【详细解答】 talk to sb.“与某人谈话”;talk of意思是“商量,讨论”;talk over“讨论某事”;talk round意思是“兜圈子”,根据上下文应选B)。

  55. 答 案D。【参考译文】印第安人几乎看不到成功的前景,并变得沮丧起来,因为他们总是到教育水平低下的学校去上学,而且常常不适应城市的生活。【试题分析】本题为形近词辨析题; A和D为一类;B和C为一类;应从语义搭配进行辨析。【详细解答】 priority意思是“优先权”;instinct意思是“本能”;insurance意思是“保险”;prospect意思是“前景”。根据本句话的意思应选D)。

  56. 答 案A。

  【解题技巧】【参考译文】组织赌博活动的州府、组织、公司及个人已赚了数以百万计的钱,新的百万富翁在不断地出现。【试题分析】本题既为形近词 辨析题又是近义词辨析题,主要考察它们的固定搭配和习惯用法。【详细解答】根据上下文应选填一个单词,它的意思是“发起”;“组织”,而在四个选项中只有 A是此意,在这个地方,n+v.?ing作定语,故选A)。

  57. 答 案D。【参考译文】母亲很有一段时间没有收到你的来信了,她在开始认为你一定是病了。【试题分析】本题为搭配辨析题;主要考察动词短语的习惯搭配和固定用 法。【详细解答】 hear from意思是“收到…的来信”;hear of意思是“听说…”;hear out意思是“听某人说完”;hear about意思是“听说”。根据上下文应选D)。

  58. 答 案C。【参考译文】那三个登山者可以在爬山的路上雇一个向导带领他们上山。【试题分析】本题为近义词辨析题。【详细解答】 guide意思是“带领”,“陪同…到目的地”的意思,而conduct常含有强迫的意思;guide强调同行的密切关系。bring意思是“带来”,而只有lead在语法上和修辞上都合适。

  59. 答 案C。【参考译文】在飘泼大雨中骑自行车太可怕了,更糟糕的是车胎也爆了,并且在最后一个小时里还得推着走。【试题分析】本题为搭配辨析题,应注意短语的不同用法和搭配。【详细解答】根据前后的关系应该是递进, A)、B)和D)都被排除,而应该选C)。

  60. 答 案C。【参考译文】由于没有资金,欧文焦急地在寻求资助。【试题分析】本题为搭配辨析题,需注意动词短语的习惯用法和固定搭配。【详细解答】 cast about“焦急地寻找”;cast off的意思是“丢弃”,其它两个短语没有寻找的意思,根据上下文应选C)cast about。

  61. 答 案B。【参考译文】英国人与法国人合作建造一种飞机,这种飞机哪一方都不能够单独制造。【试题分析】本题为形近及近义词辨析题,需要注意短语的习惯用法及搭配。【详细解答】 communicate意思是“交流,通讯”;conflict意思是“冲突”;associated意思是“联合”;cooperated意思是“与… 合作”。故选B)。

  62. 答 案D。【参考译文】小偷威胁说,如果喊叫就开枪打死她。【试题分析】本题为近义词辨析题,需根据上下文辨别词语的用法。【详细解答】 banish意思是“排除,驱逐”;imply意思是“暗示”;indicate意思是“显示”;threaten意思是“威胁”。根据上下文,threaten放在这里最合适.

  63. 答 案A。【参考译文】对不起,不,我不是在给你讲话,我只是在自言自语。【试题分析】本题为搭配及辨析题,应注意动词短语的习惯用法。【详细解答】 think aloud的意思是“自言自语”,而其它短语没有此意,故选A)。

  64. 答 案A。【参考译文】只有那些不文明的人才会把野餐吃剩下来的东西留在那里来遭踏乡村的环境。【试题分析】本题为形近词及近义词辨析题。【详细解答】 remains意思是“吃剩下的东西”;remainder意思也是“剩余的人”,和the rest近意。remnants常和抽象名词连用;the rest指the other part,另一部分或剩下的一部分(人或物)。

  65. 答 案B。【参考译文】开过来的车的车头灯非常耀眼,骑车人不得不停下来。【试题分析】本题为近义词辨析题。【详细解答】根据上下文,车灯应该是非常地耀眼,而只有 dazzling有此意,其它词都没有。

  66. 答 案B。【参考译文】无论什么时候,只要有轰动的事情发生,人群就会聚集起来。【试题分析】本题为近义词辨析题,应从上下文来确定词的选用。【详细解答】 sensational意思是“耸人听闻的”,此意正合乎这个句子,而其它词都不合适。

  67. 答 案D。【参考译文】这门课程一个吸引人的地方就是已将实际工作和这个学科理论的诸方面结合起来了。【试题分析】本题为近义词辨析题,主要考察搭配关系。【详细解答】 embrace有“拥抱”之意;adjust意思是“调整”;alternate“机动”之意;integrate意思是“合二为一”。根据句子意思应选 integrate。

  68. 答 案C。【参考译文】他平常是非常和蔼的,所以他突然严厉起来使我们大为吃惊。【试题分析】本题为词尾形近词辨析题,没有语法上的正误,但用法差异很大。【详细解答】根据本句话的意思,所填的词应该是 kind的反义词,harshness乃“严厉,苛刻”之意,故应选之。

  69. 答 案B。【参考译文】近来科学之所以受到尊重其理由之一是科学家的形象就是搜集资料,公正地探讨真理。【试题分析】本题为形近词辨析题,主要考察词语搭配关系和习惯用法。【详细解答】 immense意思是“极大的”;impartial意思是“公平的,公正的”; punctual意思是“守时的”;proportional是“相称的”。根据上下文应选B。

  70. 答 案C。【参考译文】他们在工作中极注意细节,他们清楚地知道,一不小心就会造成数以百万计英磅的损失。【试题分析】本题为近义词辨析题,重点是考察在上下文中的用法。【详细解答】meticulous意思是“极注意细节的,仔细的;精确的”,而这个地方正是这个意思,故选之。


  Part Ⅳ


  本篇短文主要说明了个人的主观能动性是取得成功的主要因素。那些在大学里学习想获取很大成就的学生往往比那些标准不高的学生的考分高得多。那么 个人如何才能获取较大的成绩呢 ?主要靠个人的奋斗,也就是说,个人必须具有很强烈的获得成功的积极性。这种积极性不要别人监督,要对自己负责,要具有一定的良好素质——具有较大的成 就,要有很强的积极性,有进取心,而不是仅仅为了找一份工作,混口饭吃而已。研究表明,有些的确有所作为的人为了避免失败则有更强的进取心。

  71. 【参考答 案】individual motivation for work【解题技巧】利用短文中的关键词进行总结。【详细解答】要找一篇文章的主题,必须首先对全文有所了解。本题的答案是不可能从某一句话或某一段落能够找得到的。这就需要有全局观念,要有概括能力,要从关键词中找答 案。文章的第一段主要说明了有进取心的学生往往考分较高,这种进取心来自一种动力 (motivation)。第二段主要说明那些有强烈愿望取得好成绩的人都有一种很强的motivation,这种积极性或原动力是不需要有人监督的。第三段最后一句话高度概括了这一段落的中心意思。然后,把三段的主要内容融合在一起考虑,就不难得出这样的结论: individual motivation for work。

  72. 【参考答案】by working well alone【解题技巧】可以利用原文中的关键词语来确定答案。【详细解答】要回答这个问题,需要从字行里去找答 案,因为有些问题比较直观。个人如何获得好成绩 ?是靠个人的努力或是靠监管人员的监督?在第二段中有这样一句话: Their desire for accomplishment is a stronger motivation than any situation the supervisor can provide由此可知,个人的成绩是靠自己的努力,靠动力,而不是靠别人的监管。

  73. 【参考答案】accept responsibilities for themselves or be responsible for themselves【解题技巧】通过总结和推理找出答案。【详细解答】根据短文意思,有争胜心的人往往会自己对自己负责。要回答这个问题是不能从某一句话或某一段落中找答 案的,就必须对整篇文章进行概括和总结,并根据问题的提出进行推理。前面已经讲过,学习好要有动力,取得成功要有动力,要靠本人,而不是靠别人的监管和督促,从而也就得出结论:成功要靠自己 (Be responsible for themselves)。

  74. 【参考答案】high achievement needs【解题技巧】从段落中的关键词语中找答 案。【详细解答】招聘人员对大学高年级学生训练成管理人材的素质要求是:要有很强的事业心和进取精神。这可以从短文的第三段中看得出来,如: Thoughts concerning the achievement drive are often prominent in the evaluations made by the typical employment interviewer who interviews college seniors for excutive training.这段文字的关键词语是:achievement drive(成就动力),也就是achievement needs。

  75. 【参考答案】they are afraid of failing【解题技巧】需要从字行里找答 案,根据关键词语进行推理。【详细解答】 What motivates some seniors to succeed?要回答这个问题,需要仔细分析文章的最后一句话: Research indicates that some who do get ahead have an even stronger drive to avoid failure. 研究说明有些的确能够进取的人甚至有更强的避免失败的动力。这种避免失败的动力,实际上就是害怕失败。

  Part Ⅴ


  这是一篇描写文 (Description)。用通俗的话说,描写文就是用文字给人物、地点、景物画象。一篇描写文主要是通过所感受的细节——所见所闻发展而来的。在写人 时,不仅仅要用细节描写其外貌,而要注重通过他的言行来表现其人物性格、思想和品德,更要抓住他区别于他人的性格特点,这样就容易给读者留下深刻的印象。短文的第一、二段叙述故事发生的时间、地点,故事发生的原因及故事所涉及的人物。文章的三、四、五段描写的是人物的外貌,穿着及性格特点。通过对人物言行 的简单描写来揭示主人翁的助人为乐的高尚精神。短文的最后一段,要用一句话概括作者对主人翁的看法: A good guy。文章有描述,有议论,要加叙加议,有血有肉,上下文连贯要紧密,首尾要呼应,人和事要给人们留下深刻印象。

  Sample Writing

  The First Impression of My Roommate

  It was my first day at the institute. I got into the building where I was going to live, and looked door after door for my name. At last I found it. In the room, there was already a student making his bed. After we said “how do you do?” to each other, he continued his work, paying no more attention to me. I looked around the room and found that it had been thoroughly cleaned. No doubt it was he who had done it.I looked at him. He was thin, short and dark. His hair was like a bundle of straw. His dirty clothes and tired look told me that he had had a long journey. His clothes were made of cheap cloth, and he wore a pair of rubber shoes, which were very unfashionable. He was not a very smart freshmen at all.

  The second time he spoke, his accent told me that he was from the south. “Shall I help you to get your luggage from the office?”

  I did not refuse since I really needed help. He was quick in movement. He walked out of the room and was soon far ahead of me to the office.

  “A good guy,”I said to myself.“I will make friends with him ”,and I hurried and caught up with him.








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